Ghost in the Shell is a glimpse into our not so distant future.

Welcome to the age of The Hacker.

The 21st century has brought us further technological advancement, and further technological dependence. Is almost impossible to remember a not so distant past where smartphones were just an idea in movies and TV shows. Our civilisation has moved in from the analogical and fully embraced the digital. It was a matter of time anyway. Cyber crimes are on the rise and this is a field where the traditional police authorities have little or even zero advantage. That means that our modern society is at the mercy and control of the hackers of today. Another trend that is bursting into the mainstream reality, is body mods.

Modifications of the body is not a simple cosmetic surgery, it’s a technological body enhancement. There are many people who want to make their bodies more effective and more advanced. They submit themselves to surgeries that implant technological hardware in order to make their bodies better. Some have implanted a chip that allows them to keep a detail report of all their internal body activity, some have implanted flash drives in order to store data inside their bodies, they just connect their body to a computer using a USB stick and there they go. There are many, many different kinds of body mods and its seriously gaining followers at a very fast rate.

With so many talented hackers and so many talented body mod surgeons and developers, it is a matter of time until we see human beings with cybernetic body parts including a modified human brain. When we get there, that means that hacker will be able to control everything, including other modified human beings. This is the premise of Ghost in the Shell. The live action Anime adaption starring Scarlett Johansson and Takeshi Kitano has hit theatres and is gathering some really interesting reviews.

Johansson plays Major, a woman that has suffered a terrible accident and has her brain implanted into a cyborg. She’s the first of her kind. A fully cybernetic body but with a human brain. The best of both worlds. She becomes a powerful weapon to fight against terrorists. All is well until assassinations of top people at Hank Corporation unravel events that will make Major question everything she thought she knew.

Neo??? Is that you???!!!

Without a doubt that this movie will strike a chord and will invoke The Matrix over and over again in your head. For many people is already The Matrix of this generation, however, Ghost in the Shell goes way deeper into the concept of Humans vs Machines.

Even though this movie is set in the future and robots and AI is quite prominent in it, the fact is that the main theme of this story is Humanity. It’s what makes us who we are and tries to answer a significant question of what makes us Us? It does have a lot of very great action, but it’s the discovery of the character that really captivates us.

Scarlet Johansson seems to have played the part of her life, considering she was a perfect pick for it, even though initially her announcement as Major was received with criticism and scepticism. She plays very well in a similar style to Keanu Reeves and his Neo.

I watched the original anime when it first came out and it struck me as a great movie that asked really interesting and important questions. This adaptation was done well and it didn’t let down. However, the filmmakers should’ve pushed the boundaries of both the story and the character and created something unique. By not doing that, they’ve followed the vision of the original film, which is better than to destroy it completely (thanks, Dragonball Evolution).

I really enjoyed this film overall, even though it doesn’t top the original, that’s why I give it a 3 star rating.

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