Ghostbusters is undoubtedly one of the most lovable movie franchises of all time. So it’s normal when a remake is announced that everyone freaks out. But were they justified?

When Columbia Pictures announced a Ghostbusters remake, fans went ballistic. And when the trailer came out, its YouTube page was absolutely demolished by bad comment after bad comment. Most of them was not attacking the remake itself, but attacking the bold choice of getting an all-female cast. This was the spark that caused the flame.

Since then audiences worldwide have a mix of curiosity and apprehension towards the movie, with many stating that it will retroactively ruin their childhoods.

The 1984 comedy gain a place in everyone’s hearts, it was funny, charismatic and it was the original, and being the first really counts for something. That movie gained its rightful place in the history of American cinema and will never go away. And there is space for more Ghostbusters movies which is what we all wanted to see. But can the movie deliver?

Let’s look at what we have. This new Ghostbusters, has  an amazing cast, Kirsten Wiig, Melissa McCarthy,  Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, they are all Hollywood comedy royalty. And they blend together really well. If you take Chris Hemsworth and make look goofy and silly as their incompetent receptionist, then you do have a mix for success.


Choosing an all female cast was revolutionary and incredibly courageous, not only for actresses but for producers and director alike. But why should it be such a courageous move anyway?

It should be natural to move between genders in remakes and even ethnicities. This kind of moves will, in the long run, change Hollywood and improve it.

The movie has spectacular visual effects and this was one of the best departments in the movie, however it’s not the only one who delivered a stellar performance.

The plot is pretty much similar to the first movie, but the comedy is very different. Is sharper and even better delivered. The worst enemy of this movie in fact, is nostalgia.

Between surgical cameos here and there for the audience cheers, the movie goes from embracing nostalgia to fighting it to simply showing the finger at everything.

And this is where the movie should’ve definitely had gone. But you can feel the director did not want to go that far.

We have the return of the marshmallow man, who obviously made a huge impact in the audience, but it was also a reminder that sometimes we have to embrace the new and keep the old in our fondest memories.

This movie is in fact, very funny. It lacks the feeling of the original one, but it does have the right spirit and provokes tremendous laughs from start to finish.

We really enjoyed this movie and for that it fully deserves a 4 out of 5 .


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