Deadpool was a massive global hit. It was such a hit in fact that rumours spread regarding Suicide Squad, claiming that its reshoots was because of the success of Deadpool. There’s really no certainty about that, however no one question the massive impact that the Valentine’s Day release had.

It was a humongous success, and the fans of the character cannot wait for the sequel. In the post credits sequence we already had a hint about the release of the second Deadpool movie, and considering its success, is not very far off to believe that 20th Century Fox will not take another 11 years to greenlight it.

But very little is known about the movie itself, there’s no official announcement, no planned dates nor plot theories. However, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, has shared a picture with the world on his Instagram account that may contain a release date.

Ahhhhh, @mutant101. Isn't this a felony?

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The image is a fan poster created by Mutant101, which shows the of Deadpool vandalising a bathroom sign turning the man into Wolverine, by drawing the hair and claws, and turning the man with the wheelchair into Professor X, by simply drawing an X on the wheel of the chair. The poster, however, includes a title Deadpool Number Two, which to be honest, we can see it being the official title of the sequel, and a year, 2018.

Now it is indeed a fan made poster, and it has the value it has. However, it deserved Ryan Reynolds attention and a repost. And that does count for something.

Considering that the X-Men movies are always two years apart, as well as most Marvel pictures. Is not too imaginary to have Deadpool sequel in two years time.

So it may actually have some truth to the poster after all. Here’s a very awaken fan.

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