secret life of pets


The Movie of the Week is the much-anticipated The Secret Life of Pets. Their teasers and trailers have left us wondering of how this movie will be. Well this Friday we will all experience the new picture from the studio that brought us Minions.

Illumination has hit top spot with their Despicable Me franchise, they have hinted that they could even go head to head with Pixar, and The Secret Life of Pets would be their weapon.

They consider themselves the alternative people of animation, and with this movie they wanted to show that they can still tell a good story, while keeping the edge that they are famous for.

The question was, did they do it?

The Secret Life of Pets, is a simple story about a dog named Max (Louis CK), who loves his owner very much. Max’s owner brings another dog into the house, and fueled by his jealousy, Max starts to make the other dog’s life a hell in the hopes that he will be thrown out by his beloved owner. Off course things do not go to plan, as the dog Duke (Eric Stonestreet) , decides to fight back and they both end up going in on an adventure of their own.

The premise of this movie is similar to Toy Story and the adventures our characters go on, is pretty identical. In this picture Illumination deliver a very good animation, but the story lacks depth, and it all seems like a bit bland. For a company that takes pride for being and alternative Pixar, this movie doesn’t quite cut it.

For the duration of the picture it all seems just a collection of gags cut together, there are very funny moments throughout, but it’s all a bit lost and no structure to define the movie.secret life of pets

The voice performances go the same path, Kevin Hart is the more sound name of the picture and he does give a good performance, however his character is not a lead, therefore is not enough to change the mood of the movie. Louis CK gives a two-dimensional performance, and Eric Stonestreet goes down the same road.

The Secret Life of Pets, lives through their secondary characters. They bring the life to the movie and carry all the funniest parts of the entire picture.

It is a family friendly movie and quite funny in general, however the action is fast and some jokes do lose a bit because of that.

We rate it at 3 out of 5.


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