As you might be very well aware, we’ve already talked about Independence Day: Resurgence. It was our Movie of the Week. But because of no advanced press screenings, we weren’t able to review it before now.

Roland Emmerich has returned to do something only he can deliver. Since the magnificent premiere of ID4, other movies have tried to emulate what the 1996 alien blasting extravaganza did. Movies like Armageddon have followed the same recipe that Emmerich has created with great success. But now the master himself has returned to his creation and push the boundaries even further.Independence Day

We have a bunch of returning characters, as well as new ones. Liam Hemsworth is one of the new faces on the block, and he will surely show up in more franchises of Independence Day. But is Jeff Goldblum the one we all wanted to see. The satellite technician is back, and this time he’s more hardcore than before.

The storyline of this movie, however, is more confusing and rushed. Maybe this is due to the fact that it was written by five people rather than the two that wrote the former installment. It relies on lots of references from the first movie, and it has a very confusing structure from beginning to end. Despite the duration of the movie shying away from the two-hour mark, the fact is that it does seem longer than its 145 minute predecessor.

But come on…you wouldn’t go and see Independence Day: Resurgence for its perfectly structured storyline. You want to see it for its ridiculousness and this movie has it in huge chunks.independence day

Roland Emmerich is the master of chaos and apocalyptic destruction. He has proven with his 2012, just how chaotically destructive he can be. But with Independence Day: Resurgence, he’s back on a movie that made him great. The movie has explosions, destruction and sitting on the edge of your seat action sequences, and all in magnificent 3D. It’s obvious what the qualities of this director are, and he does not shy away from using all of the techniques he acquired over the last 20 years.

If ID4 was a movie landmark of its time and for the years that followed, Independence Day: Resurgence will unlikely follow its steps. It’s an ambitious movie yes, it’s silly as it should be yes, but it does lack the sense of originality present in the first one. The second one is only as good as the second one. Emmerich followed his own recipe created 20 years ago with great results, however it will be far less memorable than his first attempt.

The movie is as silly as you’d expect it to be, it’s truly enjoyable to watch but it will only be a second one.


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