big friendly giant


The BFG (Big Friendly Giant), was one of the most challenging movies of Spielberg’s career, bringing up the pressure for him to deliver.

When Steven Spielberg set out to direct BFG he had to balance out, how he could bring to life this tale. Adapted from Roald Dahl’s 1982 novel by E.T. screenwriter, Melissa Mathison, who sadly passed away last year after a battle with neuroendocrine cancer, Steven had to bring his A-game in order to make these two people vision into reality.

Some might’ve said that it was an undertaking that Spielberg should not have taken, but who else would be bold or brave to do it?

BFG is a story about a 10-year-old girl called Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), who gets kidnapped by a giant (Mark Rylance), from her London orphanage bed. She gets taken to a world of cannibal giants, ready and eager to eat little Sophie. And her giant, gets to be her saviour and friend.

The part superbly performed by Mark Rylance was meant for the late Robin Williams, considering that, the british actor has done justice to the part, and even though his character is a motion captured 24 foot giant, he still looks like him and it helps with his performance.big friendly giant

Young Ruby Barnhill gives us a timid but believable performance, and shows everyone that she has the potential to develop into an actress.  

“Giants isn’t eating each other either, the BFG said. Nor is giants killing each other. Giants is not very lovely, but they is not killing each other. Nor is crockadowndillies killing other crockadowndillies. Nor is pussy-cats killing pussy-cats.”– Roald Dahls, The BFG

But let’s talk about the movie itself. The effects are great, the motion capture has really come into his own, and the techniques used in this movie are really good and interesting to admire from a technical point of view.

In all honesty, this is the darkest Roald Dahl’s novel, and the movie should reflect this. It is not a story for young children. But Spielberg had a different approach, and true to himself (and the distance of many moons from the director that brought us Duel), he adapted the movie in a lighter perspective. He created something that fits the whole family entertainment slot. The movie is not as dark as the novel nor even attempts it. It is light, cute and too nice.

Is an enjoyable story and very easy to watch, and because of that, falls short on delivering the true emotion from the novel.

We, regrettably, have to give The BFG a 3 star rating.



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