Central intelligence


What the trailer promised Central Intelligence didn’t deliver. For a comedy film, it lacked the comedy part.

When we are first invited to watch the trailer for Central Intelligence, we get the feeling that it will be a really funny film, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart seem a great fit for comedy. However things did not look that way in the movie.The trailer works because all the funny moments in the movie are there, and it’s really short. But when you add over an hour of occasional patter and a lot of strange plot, the comedy of the movie gets diluted, and the scenes that convinced you to see the movie are not that funny anymore.

Central intelligenceThe movie starts 20 years ago, it’s 1996 and Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) is a bullied overweight teen. He’s thrown naked into his high school assembly, making everyone present laugh at him. All except one, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), the most popular kid in school. He helps Robbie and Robbie never forgets.

In the present day however, things have changed… a lot. Calvin is in a troubled married, stuck in an accounting job, and he’s embarrassed to attend his high school reunion as a failure. While Robbie has grown into a mega muscle CIA agent and has changed his name to Bob Stone.Central intelligence

The movie has a lot of elements that could have made it work really well, unfortunately there was one massive mistake that led to the movie being a disappointment. According to the man himself, Dwayne Johnson only accepted this role because he wanted to be seen in a comedy genre. And Kevin Hart wanted to play a more straight up role. And that was the mistake. Why?

Dwayne Johnson is the actor who carries the comedy throughout the film, and despite being a funny guy in person, in this movie he struggled to be the comedy conductor. And Kevin Hart, who is one of the funniest comedians around these days, has a completely bland role. We expect him to be funny, but he just isn’t.

It’s a movie with a lot of action sequences and makes an attempt at being a funny comedy, unfortunately it just doesn’t deliver.

For that reason we rate Central Intelligence with an equally bland 1 star out of 5.

Central intelligence

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