Finding Dory


After the huge success of Finding Nemo, Disney and Pixar released the sequel Finding Dory.

This movie is set to make a record-breaking opening weekend for an animated film, and despite being a colourful, cute movie it also has a powerful message.

When someone said that it would be almost impossible to make a movie about a fish work, Pixar proved them wrong and now they are at it again, and made a movie about a fish with short-term memory loss.

Finding DoryThe character Dory was hugely successful in the first movie, she was funny with her confusion due to memory loss, but always had a positive message to give to Marlin while he was searching for his son. The positive messaging carries on in Finding Dory, but it isn’t about family relations. This movie is about tolerance and proving that having a disability does not mean having limitations.

Finding Dory is not an original film in any sense of the word, however what lacks in originality makes up with heart. The movie uses a lot of elements from the first one, and even other Pixar films, it is a blend of characters that we have the feeling of already seeing them before. Director Andrew Stanton and co-Director Angus Maclane, followed the old proverb “in winning formula you don’t touch”, and they took the recipe from Finding Nemo to create the sequel. And, at times, the movie does make you feel like you’ve watched it once before.

With its vivid visuals and safe but complex animation elements, this movie does touch a string in your heart as you watch the adventure that Dory lives through while searching for her missing parents. In the end, you’ll understand its message, even though it is not explained in a patronising way, and you’ll have watched a wonderful film, perfect for all family and definitely a nice day out with the kids.



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