Independence Day: Resurgence


Independence Day Resurgence is set 20 years after the original, this sequel sees the nations of Earth use the alien technology to develop an advanced defense system for the planet. But nothing can prepare them for an unprecedented force of alien attackers out for revenge. It’s up to a few brave men and women to save the world from extraterrestrials once more.

The aliens are back ladies and gents. Independence Day: Resurgence  is a much-anticipated movie, pretty much since the first one came out, several rumours have been pointing for the release of the second installment. Director and apocalyptic expert Roland Emmerich, has been toning down the rumours as much as he could, however they never went really away.

Independence Day ResurgenceWhen he finally decided to give a shot, one of the first actors he approached was Will Smith, unfortunately the meeting did not go according to plan, and the actor allegedly refused to take part due to problems within the script, instead of the official reason given. According to Roland Emmerich the reason of why Will Smith is not on this sequel is this:

“In the very beginning, I wanted to work with him and he was excited to be in it but then after a while he was tired of sequels, and he did another science fiction film, which was his father-son story, so he opted out.” – Roland Emmerich

The official reason given is very odd, since Smith’s role on the first movie has made him a Hollywood superstar, and the actor does not shy away from sequels since he made three MIB movies and two Bad Boys movies, and the fact that his father/son story was After Earth which was a complete disaster in the Box Office, he could’ve taken the chance to be back on a big budget blockbuster action movie, that everyone was going to see. Think what you’d like, but is our opinion that the official reason is a bit sketchy.Independence Day Resurgence

Let’s consider that Will Smith refused to participate due to problems in the script. The fact that there’s no advance screenings and the press is really tight on this movie, we can’t do a proper review, so we all hope that those problems have been fixed.

From what we know so far, we like the odds for Independence Day: Resurgence, the memorable characters from the first one are back, like David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), President Whitmore, or shall we say former President?? (Bill Pullman), General Adams (William Fichtner) and Julius Levinson (Judd Hircsh). The movie also counts with actor Liam Hemsworth to give it the hunk factor.

Independence Day ResurgenceFrom the first moment we saw the trailer and the extended clip we have been salivating for this movie, we cannot wait to watch in the big screen and to review it fully.

For now we leave you with the extended clip.

(It contains some spoilers)

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