Assassins Creed Behind the scenes


Assassins Creed is a much beloved title around MovieWirez, so much so that we have been betting on the storyline for years now.

Assassins Creed Behind the scenesFor that reason we fully intend to follow every bit of development of this movie.

The cast is amazing, Michael Fassbender plays Callum Lynch and his ancestor Aquila, Marion Cotillard plays Dr. Sophia Rikkin, Jeremy Irons plays Abstergo Industries boss Alan Rikkin, Brendan Gleeson plays Joseph, amongst other great actors.

This movie counts on its cast list with several Academy Award Winners in its roster, which is not guarantee for anything but it does have its weight.

Around here we are looking forward for this movie to come out. In the meantime delight yourselves with this new video released by 20th Century Fox, a behind the scenes look on the picture.

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