After watching Days of Future Past, I started to eagerly anticipate X-Men: Apocalypse. To start off I need to say two things. I am a huge fan of X-Men and a true believer in Bryan Singer.

Well one might say that, however now Singer has a clear advantage in this chapter. Since the past was changed and it still keeps on changing, the way our characters evolve and the way their relationships evolve is brand new. It is brand new and that’s the exciting part.

X-Men Apocalypse Review

It was a great idea to renew the X-Men considering the massive disappointment that was The Last Stand, and everything else that followed.

After those crushing disasters, the fans of the series (like myself), began to fear that Marvel would give up on the mutant heroes. It seemed that no one could bring the X-Men to life again and many tried, Brett Rattner, Matthew Vaughn, Gavin Hood and Darren Aronofsky, all talented directors and yet unable to make a decent X-Men themed movie.

It seemed that all was lost…X-Men Apocalypse Review

For X-Men Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer returned to the director’s chair, and his main goal was to re-establish the future of the franchise. And so he did. By bringing his characters to the past, Singer pretty much made all of the previous X-Men movies…well pointless. Since a new storyline was created everything else no longer matters, except maybe the first X-Men movie.

When Apocalypse was announced, it was greeted with cheers and hoorays. Singer was directing it, we had a new storyline to follow and it had En Sabah Nur. Come on he’s a bad guy but what an awesome character

So this movie had everything going for it.

When it premiered I went straight to the theater to watch it. Sat down right in my favourite row, perfect seat and the movie started. I was excited.X-Men Apocalypse Review


To see Magneto having a go at a normal, peaceful life was initially good. I mean here’s a character that we knew was a nightmare for our heroes, and yet he was capable of the simplest of things. It put the character on a more human plain, and definitely more engaging.

However a few minutes into this and you’re kind of wondering that the whole thing doesn’t seem quite right. There was something missing.

After saving a co-worker’s life by using his powers, the police goes after him only to accidentally shoot his daughter and wife…with a stone and wood arrow…yep. And believe me, although a sad scene, it was freaking awesome to watch. I mean they were killed with a stone and wood arrow. Obviously at this point Magneto reacted the way it was supposed to react by killing every police officer with a necklace. Sweet.

That glimpse of normality in Magneto’s life was really cool, since it established a way for him to actually join Professor Xavier and his crew.

The movie then takes a turn. Even though the portrayal of Apocalypse is good, it becomes a side story in this movie, which is a
shame since En Sabah Nur has one of the coolest backstories in the entire Marvel Universe, and his name is on the poster. He’s pretty much just a catalyst for things to happen in X-Men story. He “discovers” Storm and he’s responsible for bringing Magneto to Xavier’s side, responsible for Xavier’s baldness and responsible for triggering Jean Grey’s confidence to learn on how to control her powers. And that my friends is pretty much it. En Sabah Nur becomes almost a footnote in this movie, he’s hard to kill yes, but really not very hard.X-Men Apocalypse Review

In a way the movie becomes quite predictable 20 minutes in, and it kind of ruins the experience of watching it.

We really start to think on how it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things, and we realise that the whole idea of going back into the past is starting to be confusing.

For instance we all know on how Wolverine got his adamantium skeleton, and here we have just another version of this. We have a glimpse of him and then he’s gone into the snow without a shirt and confused. Exactly how it was when Rogue found him???

And that messes up our timelines even further, confusion ensues and we all just lose the entire thing.

Well one might say that, however now Singer has a clear advantage in this chapter. Since the past was changed and it still keeps on changing, the way our characters evolve and the way their relationships evolve is brand new. It is brand new and that’s the exciting part.

What now?X-Men Apocalypse Review

We have a blank canvas and everything is possible. Wolverine has no memory of what happened before, he has no idea he travelled back in time, and we have all the ingredients for the new  (erm…old??) generation of X-Men to do their thing. We also have a director that knows this universe better than anyone else, and he knows where he’s heading with this one. Let’s also keep in mind that a new Wolverine movie is coming out next year and according to Singer, it is directly related to X-Men: Apocalypse.

In conclusion, X-Men: Apocalypse is a good movie, filled with action packed scenes, great CGI and dramatic scenes. However the fact they didn’t explore more of En Sabah Nur’s story was a major let down, and despite of how much I love X-Men and Singer I simply cannot overlook it.

For that reason I rate this movie with 4 out of 5 stars.


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