Legend of Tarzan


If there’s a story I never manage myself to get into is the Legend of Tarzan. I’ve never seem to find anything appealing in it. The cartoons didn’t appeal to me, neither the books nor the musicals. It just never stroke the right chord.

Legend of TarzanLately I have been watching the trailers that Warner Brothers have been releasing, and somehow a new light of interest is growing in me. Maybe because I simply respect and really like Alexander Skarsgard work, and Margot Robbie’s talent has been catching my attention (can’t wait for Suicide Squad), whatever it is something is just clicking.

The third trailer for the Legend of Tarzan was released yesterday, and is even better with more details about the plot being revealed. I am starting to look forward for this premiere as I’m sure most people are by now.

I will leave you with the trailer for your own judgement but it looks and feels really really AWESOME!


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