Film based on best-selling multiplayer game, is full with magical powers, weird incantations and struggles to achieve any kind of emotional connection, that will phase out even the most hardcore fan.

As one of the most successful online game franchises on the planet, Warcraft: the Beginning is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Gamers and mainstream audience alike, are curious to see what the movie will deliver. Despite its huge game success, it was always a mystery if the its appeal would translate to the silver screen, until now. Warcraft Movie Review

This movie pits Orcs against Humans, in a Lord of The Rings strange kind of way, but less (a lot less), interesting or appealing. “There has been a war between Orcs and Humans for as long as can be remembered.”, we are told, however we really never understand why and after a few minutes we stop caring altogether. The difference between the Lord of the Rings Orcs and these ones, is that we are supposed to feel emotionally attached to some of the big green monsters. However, we just don’t.

Warcraft Movie ReviewThe movie sees the Orcs opening a portal to the human world of Azeroth with the intention of invading. Led by Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper), ruler of one of the seven kingdoms, a disjointed team of warriors and wizards must fight to stop the invasion. Viking’s star Travis Fimmel is the lead Lothar, however is Ben Foster, that makes a considerable mark on this movie as the mage Medivh.

“From light there is darkness and from darkness there is light.”

Warcraft Movie Review

The movie is directed by Duncan Jones, who had an incredible debut movie with its hit Moon, and co-wrote Warcraft, doesn’t quite cut it with the plot of the movie, and the storyline always feels tangled and confusing. There is not an impactful dramatic moment in the movie, apart from the action battle scenes, not much actually happens throughout the movie, and even those scenes we don’t really get any emotion whatsoever.The CGI part is okay, it doesn’t lift you from your seat; the landscapes, views and atmosphere it all gets lost and they go pretty much unmemorable.Warcraft Movie Review

The script is, to say at best, weak, with lost dialogue and overused one liners that really don’t mean anything. The positive point I would bring about this movie is that we get to see Ragnar Lothbrook riding an eagle while wielding a sword. That’s pretty much the only cool thing in the entire movie, and we get to see it on the trailer. So, there’s really not much meat in it.

The movie is slightly boring and uninteresting while becomes a cheap attempt at LOTR, very little happens, and the worst of all is that the finale of the movie suggest more Warcraft  movies will follow. Well, it’s just isn’t anything there to justify a return. But we hope that if future chapters will go into production, then a little more work on development should be made.

Warcraft: The Beginning  it’s definitely not a favourite and for all the things it doesn’t have gets a score of 2 out of 5 stars.



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