We have been given another Tom Cruise film.
We love the Cruise man, we think he’s a good actor, however, we feel that it is about time for him to move on from the “Minority Report” mentality and embrace other film projects.
When I first watched the trailer for “Edge of Tomorrow”, I seriously thought it was a reboot or a sequel or even a prequel of “Oblivion”. Why?!
Well the look, feel and mood of the trailers are very similar. In fact it could be the same film and hardly anyone would notice. But lets talk about the film…
“Edge of Tomorrow” premieres in the week the the D-Day celebrations took place, which it was pretty clever since most of the film is based on an failed invasion of a beach. Get it??!!! Pretty clever.
This film is like watching “Groundhog Day” with steroids, lots and lots of steroids. The movie repeats over and over again with Tom Cruise’s character getting better and better as a soldier at every pass.
Emily Blunt also stars in this film and she’s pretty much playing Emily Blunt with guns.
So what’s about this film that is good??
Well, for all the bad things with movie like, soundtrack, special effects, moments of bad acting and lighting, the movie has a very interesting story. It raises a few questions regarding humanity and what it means to be human. It’s entertaining to watch and let’s be honest, we kind of gotten used to watch Tom Cruise fighting in the future and we do like him so it’s worthwhile going to the theater to watch him.
It’s an action packed movie, perfect for popcorn sharing and it des have its romantic approaches, but it really fails to impress.

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