Someone once told me that if you have a great cast and a great crew is almost impossible to make a bad movie. Worst case scenario you make an average one. That was certainly true until I watched “Grace of Monaco”.

Olivier Dahan had Tim Roth and Nicole Kidman and Paz Vega, all incredibly good actors and Academy Award Winners and Nominees, he had a story of one of the most popular real fairy tales of the 20th century, however he still managed to pull a movie stunt and craft a disastrous movie.

The plot is bland, if Gordon Ramsay was a film critic he would probably say that his bowl of cereals had more spice and interest then this movie. And that wouldn’t be too far off.

45 minutes into this movie and I started to feel like the movie should’ve ended 40 minutes before. The performances were toned down, the story was toned down, pretty much everything was toned down. This had everything to be a truly Oscar contender, instead will surely win a Razzie award.

The lovely people from Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 5%…and they were actually very kind.

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