From Seth Mcfarlane the contorversial creator of Family Guy and Ted, gives us another epic comedy, this time in the West.
And if you think Ted was naughty, just wait until you see A Million Ways to Die in The West.
Mcfarlane has outdone himself, and this movie is a re-watch. With stars like Charlize Theron and Liam Neeson, Mcfarlane stars himself in the movie and he pretty much plays…himself.
However don’t think that is a bad critique to the movie, not even close. The fact that he plays himself, is one of the funniest parts of this movie, in the middle of a festival of laughter you will feel the need to use an oxygen bottle otherwise you will die…laughing. (there are worse ways to go I guess)
This movie is not for everybody, just like Family Guy and Ted, A MIllion Ways to Die in the West, is an acquired taste, You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously to be able to fully enjoy it, because the film is not a serious film…at all…is just funny and casual.
So get ready to laugh and please don’t choke on your drink, nor popcorn…in fact just don’t eat while watching it…maybe a peanutless chocolate bar…yeah a chocolate bar is fine.

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