Finally the premiere of one of the most anticipated movies of the year has happened.

X-Men opened on theaters all over the globe, and crowds of fans gathered to see it. And of course, I was one of them.

Eagerly anticipating the first frame. So as I entered the theater, I looked at everyones faces and noticed a tiny bit of a mistrusting look in their eyes. “Mmmhh…” I thought to my little buttons.

I sat down and expected a great Bryan Singer mutant movie. Still very much excited about it.

Then the movie started….

It begins with an incredibly exciting scene with people disappearing and reappearing left, right and center. Then came the credits, and they are exactly the same as Spiderman movies….really….I think they actually just replaced the names.

The movie develops this story of going back in time to prevent a war that will eventually destroy all of the mutant race. So they send the only man physically capable of doing the timetravel, the one and only Wolverine. And man…for the first time in the X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman actually looks like Wolverine. He’s huge and hairy and mean. But this time he’s also more in touch with his emotions and he’s also a more docile character, even though he still gets pissed off once in a while but just simply not as much as before.

One of the points I was really looking forward to this movie was finally the inclusion of my favourite mutant, behold The Beast. Yes… He’s here. And as amazing as he should be. It was really clever how they’ve inserted this character back into the plot. But they did made several mistakes along the way. For example, fans of the show know the friendship between him and Wolverine, however, in the Singer movies he’s never mentioned so when Wolverine says: “We will be good friends one day” it sounds kinda silly.

In essence the movie is finally a true X-Men story with some mistakes along the way. We also learn that Singer really dislikes the character Gambit, since the only movie he shows up is in the “Wolverine Origins”. He’s such a complex and great character that we simply don’t understand why he didn’t show up in any of the X-Men actual movies.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past”, is a nostalgic movie, there are amazing performances throughout, the inclusion of Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Dynklage, James McCavoy and the one and only Michael Fassbender. This movie has a 5 star cast and it should be a 5 star movie, however there is lack of action scenes throughout the development of the story, it feels more like the closing of a chapter rather than a fully fledged story. The movie provokes a few laughs, like the two ladies right by my side who insisted in laughing out loud throughout the entire movie, making them the center point of attention in the theater, but there’s not a really teeth clenching moment where you fear for the life of the heroes.

It’s an entertaining movie and a good one too, but for die hard fans who were waiting two years for this one, it has some very big faults that we cannot overlook.

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