This is a summer of many exciting and highly anticipated movies, thats why every movie goer is anxiousky waiting for the premiere of their number one choice. From Transformers 4 to Ninja Turtles and even to Maleficent, this will be a summer not to forget.

Since we’re in hte middle of Cannes Film Festival, is only fair if we pay our respect to movies that will probably never have a worlwide theatrical release but are great movies nonetheless.

These are the ones to look out for in the festival season that is upon us, either Cannes, Krakow or Venice:

– “Foxcatcher”

– “Leviathan”

– “Mommy”

– “Mr. Turner”

– “Two Days, One Night”

So if you want to catch any of these movies follow them on Facebook or imdb for more information

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