The name of Hans Ruedi Giger (HR Giger) might not be familiar to most people, but if we say that he was the artist who inspired Ridley Scott to make the movie “Alien”, then everyone understands thGiger-Alien-bild-1-BM-Kultur-Greyerz2e importance this man had in the movie industry.

Hans was fascinated by the mixture between man and machine and during the 60’s and 70’s started to design landscapes and creatures in bio mechanical style. His work was so visually powerful that Ridley Scott was inspired by these images to make his horror sci-fi,  “Alien”, and he called Hans to be the Special Effects designer for the movie.Hans won the Academy Award for Best Special Effects with the movie “Alien”, and his work has been replicated in the following movies.

In 1998 Hans opened his own museum in Switzerland where he lived until his death yesterday on the 12th of May 2014. 

Movie fans everywhere will certainly mourn his departure and everyone at MovieWirez pays tribute to his incredible work.


RIP Hans

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