Is Heaven a reality? Or is it just fiction?

Here’s a question that Theologists have been trying to answer for hundreds of years without much success, however they rely on their faith to drive them to Heaven.

So what if a loved one has a near death experience and claims that he’s visited Heaven?! Would you believe them, or reject them?

“Heaven is For Real” is a movie directed by Randall Wallace starring Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly, that tells us the story of a little boy who has this near death experience, and upon his return he tells things that are inexplicable. This family is turned upside down by this event as well as their town.

The movie asks a very serious question that crosses all kinds of religion or personal beliefs. What happens after we die? Where do
we go?

Scientists tell us nowhere, our body just dies and we along with it, however the belief that there’s something after life, keeps us going strong and to become more united as human beings.

This film is a serious attempt at showing everyone how united we should be as a species, and it’s a pretty good film as well.

I’m not a religious kind of guy but I have to admit that indeed I was taken aback by this film. It doesn’t really matter who or what you believe in, this film is about kindness and faith, and I recommend you to watch it and let us know what your views are.

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