It has been 50 years since the Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu and all the others have graced our screens with their presence. Now it’s time to pay the rightful homage to the show, and Star Trek: Beyond does exactly that.

When the first movie of the new generation came out in 2009, we were all taken by it. It provoked a sense of nostalgia, and broke with all previous chains from storylines already explored. It was brand new and, like space itself, unexplored. JJ Abrams had done what all Trekkies wanted to see, a rekindle of the story.

Things did not take a turn for the best with Star Trek: Into Darkness, the over complicated remake for Wrath of Khan, succumbed under the weight of a confusing structure, however, the movie was filled with great actors who performed admirably and that made things slightly forgiven.


It was the time that JJ Abram’s head was in the stars and ready to take leadership of one of the most beloved franchises in movie history, Star Wars. It was clear that he was not the man to make the follow-up of Star Trek. And comes in Justin Lin.

At the time of the announcement, many people were not sure that Fast and Furious director was the right man for the job. But they overlooked the approach that Lin had been taking to blockbuster filmmaking. He takes his characters, spends time with them and then blast them all to smithereens to see what happens.

And that was exactly his approach in Star Trek: Beyond. You might be asking yourself, if he actually blows them all? The answer is no. He simply engages the audience with his characters, makes us fall in love with them, and then puts them in extremely dangerous and explosives situations and see what each one of them does. The audience’s reaction is what you’d expect, a sense of danger at every turn in this movie.

He takes his main characters and divides them into smaller groups, for example you have Spock and Bones stranded together, their performance is truly magnificent. Quinto and Urban’s chemistry is truly visible while they give us an acting masterclass. They use their offscreen friendship to fuel their characters behaviours and we feel like whatever they do is just perfect. Kirk and Chekov have a deep experience, where the russian space explorer explains the importance that the captain has for the entire crew.


Justin Lin simply separates his main characters and gives us a deeper insight into who they are. That process is all over this movie and is one of the keys to make this film successful, that alongside the brilliant script written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, and the excellent performances by the cast, makes this movie a truly 50th anniversary celebration of the original tv show.

We’re not going to talk about Idris Elba contribution to the movie, because that is something you really have to experience without tainted views.

This movie is fun to watch and makes justice to the Star Trek universe. For that we give a 4 out of 5 star rating.


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