marco polo


Hello Game of Thrones fans. Do you feel lonely without your friendly characters? Do you feel empty without their stories? Do you fear not knowing what to do with the show? Fear no more my friends. Netflix’s most underrated TV shows is back and it will fill the void left by GOT.

marco polo

That is right Netflix’s Marco Polo is back today on the platform. After a very entertaining first season, the show is now back for its second season.

The show follows Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy), the son of a Venetian merchant that is left behind as a gift to the Mongol Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). The italian helps the Mongol leader many times throughout his presence in the court, including saving his life. It’s a tale of courage, friendship and adventure. This show has definitely something special going for it and it will, most likely, be able to make you not feel so alone after the end of one more season of Game Thrones.

But we are clear fans of the show, so please, take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself. The second season is launched today on Netflix.

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