Yes you’ve read the title exactly right. Tetris is having a movie.

Well, it’s actually having three movies. Producer Larry Kasanoff, has told Empire magazine that the story of Tetris is not being stretched but is just a big story to tell.

Usually you can pretty much adapt anything you want to the silver screen, but how can you adapt a game that is simply a range of different block falling from the sky.

“We’re not going to have blocks with feet running around the movie, but it’s great that people think so. It sets the bar rather low! We want the story to be a surprise, but it’s a big science-fiction movie. I came up with the idea as I was thinking about Tetris and the theme of creating order out of chaos.” – Larry Kasanoff, Producer

So that’s reassuring at least we have a defined plot, bring order to chaos. So I guess the title is just a reference rather than an adaptation. That is either very interesting or very misleading. In any case we all need to wait to see this next massive sci-fi thriller trilogy, on a cinema screen near us.


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