Michael Moore has undoubtedly caused more controversy with his middle finger than most people in a lifetime. His documentaries are incisive, aggressive and incredibly accurate. It’s still one mans opinion, however it is backed up with cold, hard facts. And Where To Invade Next? promises to cause yet another nationwide controversy.

Where to Invade NextFrom doing political speeches and being cut off at the Academy Awards to cause embarrassment for big corporations and governments, Michael Moore has done it all and for that has been labelled as a loony, troubled man and a hippie. However there’s nothing crazy about his work or his message.

This documentary looks a bit like a crazy quest to find the best in people, but not American people. According to Moore, the US are the worst in doing what they advertise, and despite not agreeing with that statement entirely, one starts to wonder after a glimpse at Where To Invade Next?.

The political debate of this documentary is complex but Moore has mastered the process of dumbing down information, so the most ill-informed human being can still follow the journey and understand its rhetoric.

Where to Invade Next

But despite all the politics the documentary evokes, its main subject is another one. Moore criticises the reality of American political culture, by comparing it with other countries in an attempt to show how corrupt the country actually is. From visiting Iceland and noticing that the politicians who brought financial ruin to the country and destroyed the banking system, are thrown in jail. In Norway he witnesses the compassion that prisoners are met with in jail with sentences of a maximum of 21 years, even for murderers, and yet it has a low crime rate as well as a recidivism rate. In France he sees school kids who are served with nutritional meals. And this goes on and on and on.

With every example comes the harsh reality that America, despite being one for worlds most powerful economies, has in fact behaved like a third world country towards its people. And hate it or like it, the man proves his point and shows that corruption is actual the true power in the United States of America, not its people.

Where To Invade Next? is a movie we were looking forward to and it meets our expectations, for that we award 4 out of 5 stars.



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