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Before I start by reviewing the latest Game of Thrones episode I’ll just go and say it. From the get go.




I am yet to master the fine art of reviewing without spoiling. But until then…WHAT THE …. HAS HAPPENED?

Many of my friends and colleagues all stated that the episode was boring and not much happens. Really??!! Let’s start easy, The Hound is back, and the makers of the show made his return in stylish fashion.  We are told how on earth did he got rescued and his wounds tended, and we see how his new peaceful life is. And during the episode we really hope that it stays that way. However, true nature always emerge in the face of great loss or suffering. And true to that The Hound is back and with revenge in his head.

Game of ThronesUsually I am not a huge fan of the political mambo jumbo of GoT, but I have to admit they are getting better at it. I used to only watch the show for the bits with dragons and whitewalkers, however, watching the moves either war or politics or even both, makes me feel excited about what’s to come. The moves of the House Stark to get support from other Houses of the North, and the responses they get, tells me that a new alliance is very likely and our heroes Jon Snow and Sansa Stark may not be entirely safe as we might initially think or hope. The war against the Boltons looks unwinnable in a way, however the help they need might come from the unlikeliest of sources.

But not only Jon and Sansa are in danger. Their sister Arya, after betraying the many-faced god, is not being hunted by the Waif. Now this is where it gets interesting. Arya seeks a ride to Westeros, in order to run away from her chasers. However, the Waif manages to catch Arya posing as an old woman. Arya gets repeatedly stabbed, but somehow manages to escape, even though she’s severely wounded. This act spawned a new theory. Arya’s behaviour in this episode was completely off from the start. She moved around confidently, carrying large sums of money and not shying away from showing just how much money she had. She was attracting a lot of attention onto herself, and you’d think that after all the training she received she should know better. Another interesting problem about Arya’s behaviour, was the fact that she wasn’t carrying Needle. And it’s here that may lie the biggest clue to this theory. One, Arya might have planned the whole thing so the Waif would find her and attack her, so she would have the upper hand on their next encounter, or (a more far-fetched option), Jaqen H’ghar was the one posing as Arya in order to test the Waif. And this is what support this theory. Jaqen needs someone by his side that is worthy of serving the many-faced god. Someone he can trust entirely, and since in the last episode he asks the Waif not to make Arya suffer, is fair to say that he wanted to make sure that would happen. Obviously the Waif has ignored this order and she might have signed her own death sentence. In this version of the events then, it would be fair to assume that the order to kill Lady Crane was also a test that Arya passed. How you might ask? Simple. Jaqen knows that Arya has a good heart and she’s a brave spirit, he also knows that she would never betray her values for anything or anyone, but just how do you make sure of this? You create a situation in order to see what happens. Jaqen accepted a request that would make Arya question herself, or just made it up entirely, and then waited to see if she would behave against herself. The fact that she didn’t accomplish the mission might actually be a pass on this test. Then it was time to test the Waif, unfortunately she couldn’t carry out this order. Other theories are at large on the internet, one of them being that the Waif and Arya are actually the same person. We don’t believe that can be but is GoT, and anything can happen.

“As long as I stand the war will never be over.”

There’s two more events that happen in this episode, but they are exclusively political moves from the Lannisters and the Tyrells. We have the King Slayer and Bronn confronting the Black Fish in to seize the castle for the king. Now this is a battle that promises a lot of bloodshed with a line like “As long as I stand the war will never be over.”, being delivered. We shall see if it delivers its promise, but to be honest I’m just happy to see Bronn back in the show.Game of Thrones

Margaery Tyrell manages to convince her grandmother to leave after receiving a warning from the High Sparrow regarding her safety. Since she has a sept constantly following her every move and listening to every conversation, Margaery does this by slipping a rolled piece of paper into Lady Olenna’s hands. After this, the Queen of Thorns accepts to leave the city and go home. However, once she’s alone, Lady Olenna rolls out the paper only to see the drawing of a rose. Since Loras is known as the Knight of Flowers, this was a hidden message saying that she’s not a religious mindless woman but she’s actually doing all of this to release her brother.

Cersei Lannister attempts to convince Lady Olenna to stay, and this results in one of the most enjoyable moments in the entire episode. The Queen of Thorns gives a great speech blaming Cersei for all that has happened, and reminding her that she is alone in a city surrounded by thousands of her enemies. I really enjoyed that. Go Queen of Thorns.

The title of this episode is called “The Broken Man”, but so far I have not spoke about a scene that actually names the episode. This is, in my view, the single most important moment in the episode and the entire season. Theon Greyjoy has managed to escape with his sister the Iron Islands, and set sail towards Mehreen in order to join the Queen of Dragons and hope that she will help them re-conquer their home. However, Yara Greyjoy, needs him to stop being Reek and start being her brother Theon again. And she gives  him an ultimatum “If you’re so broken as no coming back, take a knife and cut your wrists. End it. But if you’re staying Theon, I need you.”. He doesn’t slice his wrists open and his eyes change from the beaten animal he was to the confident Theon we knew and…hated.  It’s a very little scene, however is the most important piece of the puzzle.

We are looking forward to watch next weeks episode and I have to say, this season is really blowing the previous out of the water.

We gave 4 out of 5 stars to the Game Of Thrones: The Broken Man.



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